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IPP,LLC is proud to develop & deliver the safest all-natural products.

IPPLLC is a global leader in nutritional supplementation & pharmaceutical-grade products. Our world-class team of experienced physicians and staff scientists utilize cutting-edge research to bring to you the best in consumer health-care. Through exhaustive research, examination, and analysis of current intelligence about vitamins and their health benefits, IPP,LLC is proud to develop & deliver the safest all-natural products with the effects you desire; can see & feel; backed by the scientific standards you demand and are all proven to be safe & effective in supporting and sustaining optimal health.

IPP,LLC is leading the way in establishing strict standards to ensure safety. Our active ingredient amounts used are based on dosages found effective through clinical trials and backed by published medical journals on file at IPP,LLC headquarters.

We invest the time, energy and resources needed for research and development, conducted by trained experts and specialists in modern, well-equipped laboratories. There are no shortcuts. IPP,LLC advances the science of supplements in a methodical process to ensure the most beneficial, health promoting supplements available.


Our Experts seek the best information available from the most credible sources.

We understand the power that nutritional supplements have in encouraging wellness. With power comes responsibility. Our mission requires us to take a careful look at all new ingredients and their potential for benefit or their possibility for harm. It’s an involved process.


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